Welcome to Bayou Psychotherapy!

Thank you for your interest!  All are welcome here.

Looking for a safe and affirming space?  You are welcome here.

Black hands wearing lesbian gay bisexual transgender queer lgbt pride rainbow flag

If you have stumbled across this page – maybe you are looking for help or some guidance on this journey we call life.  I would be happy to join you on this journey to help you live your best life – and to navigate the struggles and joys that come along the paths that you choose.  

Many struggle with a multitude of challenges presented to us at each fork in the road along our journeys – I hope to help you find peace, solace, and joy as you discover each path.  Therapy can be a useful tool to help you along your journey; it can be like a beacon of light to help you navigate through stormy waters.

No matter if you are struggling with past/current traumas, difficulties transitioning, gender dysphoria, depression, anxiety, etc., or even just need someone to talk to without judgment, I would like to help you. There is hope. You matter and are worthwhile.  Your struggles and feelings are valid. 

Contact me for a free 15 minute consultation to see if we would be a good fit! In-person therapy and assessments are available in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, and video visits are available throughout Louisiana.

lesbian gay bisexual transgender queer lgbt pride rainbow colors shining on hands

Black transgender person holding lesbian gay bisexual transgender pride flag